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We invite you to share your comments on our inspection services. 

(775) 934-6338

July 7 2017

Hi Brad & Sheilagh,

I'm very happy with your work. I've referred you to a couple of other agents recently. Sure I'll be calling soon to utilize your expert services...

Happy Summer,

Jim Porter CIPSRealtor NV & CA

250 Million Dollar Club

Coldwell Banker Select RE

June 20 2017

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this matter. Your customer service is greatly appreciated.


May 14 2017

Jaquelin Martinez to Quality

Thank you! I am very pleased with the home and your inspection! I will always pass on your name. Thank you again.

May 6 2017

WoW!! good catch! Thank you. who would of thought this place had two? Hey i met your lil boy yesterday, as he was at my house doing an inspection :) It was nice to meet your family.. you guys are very polite and professional. You guys are an assist to Elko county. and would recommend you any day. have a wonderful day.


Sept 30, 2016

You can be confident I will pass your name to anyone I know that needs home inspection. Have forwarded your email to Jo.



Sept 28 2016

Thanks for your prompt report and hard work!

Sent from Karin's iPhone

Aug 13 2016


Thanks again for your help.

We moved in to the house on July 30th.

It will be fun getting the house and yard back into shape.

Steve Anderson

Aug 12 2016

Brad-Thank you for your expertise and organized inspection reports. Your time and effort is much appreciated.Eddie

Apr 4 2016

All is well....thank you.....

We are very happy with the service provided, and will recommend

you in the future to our friends...

Additionally, I will become an area Realtor in the near future....and I will of course refer you to my future clients....


Mar 24 2016

We are very pleased with the thoroughness of the report and your inspection!!! Carol Chalk

Feb 24 2016

Brad and Sheiligh,

Thank you so much!! I appreciate it very much!!!


Nov 18 2015

Thanks for your great home inspection! I liked how careful you were. Sue

Nov 14 2015

Sir ... Thank you very much ..Gary

Oct 27 2015


Great inspection report and communication. I look forward to more inspections from you in the future.

Thank you.


Sep 5 2015

Thank you for sending this, it looks good!

Thanks for your service also.

Rick and Vicki

Jul 18 2015

Hey, thanks for the great home inspection, it was very thorough!


Apr 2 2015

Hi Brad, i would like to say thank you for the excellent report and your time you have taken to come to our house.

As i mentioned yesterday, this is the first time i have ever seen an inspector performing the job in much detail and quality. You did an excellent job and the most important you provided us a detail picture of the house condition we would never notice

Thank you so much for your dedication, time and the quality of you job

Angel and Jenny

Dec 20 2014

Thanks, Brad and Sheila! Your expert work at the the 137 Oak house saved me from what could have been an expensive mistake. The 147 Juniper house is a gem. Thanks again.

-David Roche

Nov 21, 2014

Thank you for the tutorial during the inspection. I really wish I could have stayed for the entire time...learned tons. Thanks again Brad.


Jun 23, 2014

Awesome report; many thanks.


Bryan Ulrich

Mar 14, 2014

Brad Long is great! Very professional and thorough, takes the time to explain things if you have a question.

Pam Zaga

Jan 13, 2014

Hi Brad,

Thank for your thorough report and good customer service.


Oct 6, 2013

Thank you!

I really appreciate the information you shared.


Mar 9, 2013

Great job! And appreciate the very complete and very quick report! Thanks for all

your assistance! Gary

Feb 15, 2013

Brad was the best home inspector we have ever had! Great job - Quinn

Feb 14, 2013

Thanks for the report and quick turnaround. Any other suggestions please let us know right away. We appreciate your professional services and attitude. Don & Beth

Feb 11, 2013

You guys are awesome thank you so much! The buyer would actually like to be there-it’s his first house so Saturday actually is perfect for him! Thank you!!


Oct 17, 2012

Brad -- Thanks...I never knew a home inspection could be that much fun. TJ

Sept 11, 2012

Hi Brad,

Thank you for getting the report completed so quickly and you did a great job!

Sue and Leonard

Aug 28, 2012

Hi Brad,

Hola,speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lol,u r 2 funny!Thx so much for this report,I had fun hanging out with u guys..Take care ---Paula

Aug 14 (11 days ago)

Thank You Brad for getting over there so quickly and doing this for Joyce’s clients. You rock!

Thank you,

Aubrey Lauborough

Real Estate Assistant